Air Trek has been providing air transportation services since 1978 and once you experience our personal or business charter flights, you will know the benefits of hiring us for all your jet charter travel needs.

Our FAA Air Carrier Certificate (Part 135) allows us to operate within the entire Western Hemisphere. Our routine flight areas include the United States (USA), Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, North, Central and South America. Worldwide service is provided through strategic partnerships with air carriers throughout the world.

Not only are private jets a convenient way to travel compared to commercial but they are also safer and more reliable. Air Trek understands that you want to get to your destination as soon as possible without delays to either start a business meeting or the long awaited vacation.

  • Customizability – Booked around your schedule and additional services can be added based on our preferences and needs.
  • Convenience – Avoid spending hours per flight in security lines, connections, checking-in, or waiting for your luggage.
  • Flexibility – Access to more airports than commercial airlines, giving you access to the closest airport to your destination and reducing your ground transportation time.
  • Comfort – Private aircraft are designed to offer luxury and comfort. You can enjoy ample space and receive personal attention from staff.

“Private travel is not for everyone, that’s what makes it so special”

Book your flight today; we will work hard to earn all your private charter needs. We can meet you at your local airport. Click here for the first step in booking your next jet charter.

Didn’t look at other companies. The coordinator answered the questions promptly and was so helpful I didn’t bother looking even though it was a lot of money to use.

This was our first time. You made it awesome. We wouldn’t have ben able to have this trip with our elderly parents without you.

The (2) flight crews were also spot on. We didn’t have to worry about a thing. They took care of everything even the Bugger (our golden retriever). Thank you. Thank you. I have to do it again!