European Aviation Safety Agency Authorization

European Aviation Safety Agency AuthorizationThe approval for this EASA authorization confirms that Air Trek, Inc. has met the requirements of Part-TCO (Third Country Operator) and may apply for individual operating permits to perform commercial air transport (CAT) operations into, within, or out of territories that are considered to be EU Member States.

Airworthiness Certificate

N650AT Airworthiness CertificateThe Standard Airworthiness Certificate, issued by the Department of Transportation-Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), certifies that as of July 16, 1997 Air Trek’s Cessna Citation VII aircraft has been inspected and found to conform to the type certificate. This aircraft was found to be in a condition that is safe for operation. The Citation VII aircraft has been shown to meet the requirements of the applicable comprehensive and detailed airworthiness code.

Operations Specification D085

Operation Specifications D085The Operations Specifications certificate DO85, issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), certifies that Air Trek is authorized to conduct operations under 14 CFR Part 135 using the aircraft identified on this operations specification.  These aircraft include: N236AT and N658AT (Cessna 414 twin engines), N622AT and N633AT (two Citation I jets), N744AT (Citation II jet) and N650AT (Citation VII jet).

Operations Specification B050

Operation Specifications B050The Operations Specifications certificate B050, issued by the federal Aviation Administration (FAA), authorizes Air Trek to conduct en route operations in the areas specified in this certificate.  Air Trek shall not conduct any en route operation under these operation specifications unless they are conducted within the areas of operation authorized by this paragraph.

These authorized areas of en route operation include: Canada – excluding Canadian MNPS airspace, Caribbean Sea – Including the islands/nations and the Havana FIR, Central America, Gulf of Mexico, Mexico, South America, USA – the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia, and the USA – the state of Alaska.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability InsuranceThis insurance binder, issued by Frank Crystal & Company, proves that Air Trek has Medical Professional Liability coverage with a limit of $1,000,000 per claim and $3,000,000 aggregate.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability InsuranceThis Certificate of Insurance, issued by Frank Crystal & company, verifies that Air Trek has General Liability Coverage for physical damage, aircraft liability, and medical expenses for the following aircraft:  N633AT and N622AT (Cessna Citation 500 jet aircraft), N744AT (Cessna Citation 550 jet aircraft), N236AT and N658AT (Cessna 414 twin engine aircraft), and N650AT (Cessna Citation 650 jet aircraft).

Canadian Foreign Air Operator Certificate

Canadian Foreign Air Operator Certificate

Canadian Liability Insurance

Canadian Insurance 2016 Insurance covering air carrier liability to passengers and public liability.

Bahamas Charter Certificate

Bahamas Charter Certificate 2017This permit, issued by the Department of Civil Aviation in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, allows Air Trek to operate Charter Passenger and Air Ambulance services between Florida and all Ports of Entry in The Bahamas.

Aruba Foreign Air Carrier Operating Permit

Aruba permit 2017Air Trek was issued a Foreign Air Carrier Operating Permit by the Ministry of Tourism Transportation and Labour.  This permit allows Air Trek to freely operate ambulance flights into Aruba, and signifies that Air Trek has met all National and International requirements to operate commercial flights into Aruba.