Snowbird Charters

When you fly with Air Trek, you should expect nothing but the best! You, your family, and friends are looking for a way to get back to your summer home up north without having to deal with the hassles and indignations that come along with flying commercial. You make a call to Air Trek to see what they can do for you, and you realize that they can fly you home in no time with very little effort on your part. You simply tell them what day and time you would like to travel and an aircraft is reserved and prepared just for you. You make a request for specific items to be on board and are assured everything will be in place when you arrive to board your aircraft. When you arrive at the airport, you are escorted directly to your aircraft without having to wait in a line. Your bags are secure and are sure to arrive at your destination with you (no more lost luggage!). When you board the aircraft, you see that all of your requests have been met and that every snack, beverage, blanket, pet treat, etc. that you asked for has been provided as promised.

You make yourself at home in the aircraft (after all it is your private jet), and before you know it you have arrived at your destination. As you deplane the aircraft, you see a limo on the ramp waiting to take you to your home.
What more could you ask for?

Whether New York, Boston, or Chicago is your destination or a quiet small town, you have now traveled in style and will not have it any other way! When Air trek takes care of everything, traveling is a breeze!