Wayne A. Carr, ATP

Air Trek’s President and CEO

Wayne holds Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (ATP) for Multi-engine land and sea aircraft with jet type ratings in the Cessna Citation and Westwind aircraft. He also holds Commercial single engine land and sea, Helicopter and Glider certification as well as holding Certified Flight Instructor privileges for all aircraft in which he is qualified. Wayne currently serves as Air Trek’s Chief Pilot and FAA approved Check Airman overseeing pilot recruitment, training, and company certification.

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Dana Carr, ATP

Air Trek VP Director of Operations


Dana has been with Air Trek since its inception in 1978. An ATP pilot with more than 8,000 hours of flight experience, he is type rated in the Cessna Citation and holds Commercial Pilot single engine land and sea and Helicopter licensure by the FAA.

Dana was approved by the FAA to serve in the required position of Director of Operations in 1984 and has served in that position for the past 28 years. He has been continually qualified as a pilot for Air Trek since 1979.

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Lester Carr

Air Trek’s Director of Maintenance

Proudly serving in the United States Air Force and honorably retiring after 20 years, Lester retired as a Master Sergeant specializing in Electric Power Production and Aircraft Arresting Systems. While in the Air Force, Lester attended the NCO leadership Academy as well as a long list of mechanical technical schools. The global requirement for Lester’s USAF career took him around the world being stationed in Little Rock, Phoenix, Aleutian Islands in Alaska, Saudi Arabia and Korea.

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Aaron Carr

Air Trek’s Chief Financial Officer

Having been born into the Air Trek family, Aaron soloed a multi-engine aircraft on has 16th birthday, received his Private Pilot multi-engine license on his 17th birthday and on his 18th birthday simultaneously received his Citation Jet type rating and a Commercial Pilot license, all while most are just learning to drive.

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